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Caledonia, the ancient name for Scotland, is also the name of a county in Vermont.

(Brig: t. 85: cpl. 63; a 2 24-par., 1 32-par. car.)

The first Caledonia, a brig, was built by the British at Malden. Ontario; captured off Fort Erie, Ontario, 8 October 1812 by a boarding party of American sailors under Lieutenant J. D. Elliott, and purchased at Black Rock, N.Y., 6 February 1813.

Commanded by Lieutenant D. Turner, Caledonia played a key role in the operations of Commodore O. H. Perry's squadron on Lake Erie during 1813 and 1814. In the decisive Battle of Lake Erie (10 September 1813) which sundered British control of the Great Lakes,gallant little Caledonla's long guns were the only ones of the fleet which could reach the enemy's three heaviest units as they pounded the American flagship Lawrence. Caledonia. also took part in the expedition to Lakes Huron and Superior (July-September 1814). The brig was sold at Erie, Pa., in May 1816.

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